The Day Today 4 Sept

* Russia May Back Syria Strikes If Assad Culpability Is Proven: AP {NSN MSL9N56JTSF8 <go>}

* Obama Gets Boehner’s Support for Military Strike on Syria {NSN MSKOT76JTSFV <go>}

* WaPo: Draft resolution for narrow authorisation of force, max 60days

* China HSBC August Services PMI Hits Five-Month High Of 52.8 {NSN MSKWJO3H0JK0<GO>}

* 22 of 32 economists say Japan postponing a VAT increase would have a large negative impact on stock mkt

* Australia Q2 GDP steady at +0.6% QoQ, 2.6% YoY

* Selling at the lows…? WSJ: Bank of America Exiting China Bank Stake

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