The Day Today 5 Sept

* Senate Panel Authorizes Limited Military Strike in Syria {NSN MSM8UG6S972G <go>}


* SF’s Williams Backs Slowing Bond Buying This Year {NSN MSM7H50YHQ0X <go>}

* Kocherlakota Says U.S. Economy Needs More Accommodation {NSN MSMQ7D6KLVR5 <go>}

* WaPo: Here’s what Summers would do at the Fed

* Chinese Companies Investing a Lot Less Overseas


* BOJ’s Kuroda Sees Big Risk in Postponing Tax Hike, Kyodo Says {NSN MSM31X6S972E <go>}

* BOJ raises assessment of capital spending

* IMF starting to worry about global economy: downside risks for emerging economies “have become more prominent”

* Spain increasing 2014 growth forecast from 0.4% to 0.5% {NSN MSN0X26JTSE9 <go>}

* Italy PM Letta says women better in government than men

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