The (Non-Farms) Day Today – Friday Edition – 6 Sept

It’s the big one today, with non-farm payrolls supposed to determine if the Fed taper begins this month. Yet almost all the recent data has been strong and it seems only a disastrous number (<120k?) would stay their hand.


* FT: G20 leaders grapple with risks of reduced US monetary stimulus

* BBC: UK has new Syria chemical evidence – David Cameron

* FT: G20 leaders split over Syria

* Obama Told G-20 Stimulus Will Be Withdrawn Gradually {NSN MSNXSX6JTSFQ<GO>}

* Obama Seen Delaying Fed Nomination Until Syria Issue Resolved {NSN MSOR656JTSEU<GO>}



* Fed’s Fisher (non-voter) favours tapering this month if econ strong  {NSN MSNZ4J1A1I4K <go>}

* WSJ: Summers Faces Key ‘No’ Votes if Picked for Fed

* Xi Jinping: China to deepen exchange rate reforms {NSN MSOGLJ6JTSEG <go>} and admits they chose growth slowdown to allow time for structural reform {NSN MSL3AT0D9L35 <go>}

* Latest BIS triennial FX survey: volumes now $5.3trn a day, up one third since 2010. The yen had the biggest jump in trading activity, and the MXN joined the Top 10. London increased its hold as primary trading centre, at 41%  {NSN MSNZJZ6S9733 <go>}

* Dept for Transport announces plans to electrify carriages, in an attempt to stem the rise in people falling asleep on the last train home

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