The Day Today 16 Oct

* “The deal is essentially done” on the Senate side * But Boehner cancelled a vote last night What will he do next? * Fitch placed US AAA rating on negative watch as “the political brinkmanship and reduced financing flexibility could increase the risk of a US default”

* Argument breaks out over how to cover capital shortfalls that will come out of the ECB bank stress tests  {fifw NSN MUPXGZ6VDKHS <go>} * ECB’s Praet: Euro is in “relatively normal range”; ECB thinking about “what if” in case of US default {fifw NSN MUQ6AO6S972G <go>}

* Merkel Left to Seek SPD Alliance After Greens Drop Out of Talks {fifw NSN MUR3MI1A1I4H <go>} * European Car Registrations Rise 5% in Biggest Gain for More Than Two Years {fifw NSN MUR3AI6S972Z <go>}

* NZ inflation higher, +0.9% QOQ vs 0.8exp and 0.2prior, 1.4% YoY vs 1.2 and 0.7 * A warning for NZ as they tinker with loan to value ratio? Singapore Home Sales Fell 52% in September Following Loan Curbs {NSN MUQXV76S972A <go>}

* JPMorgan Said to Settle CFTC London Whale Trading Probe for $100 Million {NSN MUQT9W6S972E <go>}

* Goldman Sachs Ordered to Disclose Female Employees’ Complaints {NSN MUQRD76S972O <go>}

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