The Day Today 1 February 2017

* Le Pen adviser: would convert 2trn EUR of govt debt into a new french franc

* German Economy Minister on Trump: “What we are witnessing over the past 10 days is alarming and irritating. This is going in a totally wrong direction”

* 76% of French voters are not convinced by Fillon’s attempts to explain why he paid his wife for an alleged non-existent job

* Ireland business minister expects more businesses to move there in first half of this year

* Apple misses deadline to pay the Irish govt its “missing” 13bn of tax

* January was 2nd biggest month on record for US corp bond issuance

* Hedge fund bosses are now getting upset with Trump

* Trump chooses Gorsuch for Supreme Court, he apparently favours a literal application of the Constituion

* Republican Senator Corker on the Travel ban: “There may well need to be a legislative fix”

* BOC Poloz: Canada will be “some ways behind” the US on rates

* Japan Cabinet Sec: we will explain to the US that BOJ policy is not currency manipulation

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