The Day Today 8th June 2018

  • UK PM May refuses to guarantee that new ‘backstop’ plan will not extend beyond Dec 2021
  • Buzzfeed: UK Foreign Sec Johnson says to brace for a possible “Brexit meltdown”
  • UK Dep Foreign Min Duncan: it is “possible” there will be a second EU referendum
  • FT: UK plans to urge other G7 leaders to step away from “harsh” retaliation to US tariffs
  • Rtrs Poll: market economists expect the BOE to hike in Aug
  • Germany Chlr Merkel is ready to “come towards [France] with reforms
  • Germany AfD party says introduction of ESM or EMF would be “irresponsible”
  • France Pres Macron and Canada PM Trudeau vow to confront Pres Trump on “unilateral and illegal” tariffs
  • Italy Dep PM Di Maio promises to tackle corporate tax evasion
  • Turkey Central Bank raises rates by 125bp to 17.75%
  • Pres Trump: I would invite N Korea Kim Jong Un to the US if the summit goes well
  • Bloomberg: Pres Trump will leave G7 summit early to prepare for N Korea summit
  • Politico: US National Security Advisor hawk Bolton does not call Cabinet together to discuss N Korea ahead of summit
  • US strikes deal with ZTE, which involves $1bn fine, to lift sanctions
  • RIA news: Russia Foreign Min could meet US Sec of State Pompeo in Aug
  • Argentina agrees to $50bn finance deal from IMF
  • Credit Suisse: bond ETF flows

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