The Day Today 9th August 2018

  • UK PM May scolds former Foreign Sec Johnson over burka comments
  • BOE McCafferty: Brexit vote will make the UK economy poorer than staying in the EU
  • Telegraph: UK PM May writes to Tory grassroots movements to drum up support for her Chequers deal
  • Bloomberg: UK PM May is preparing for a Cabinet summer summit on ‘No Deal’ preparations
  • Denmark Nationalist DPP party calls for Denmark to get concessions from the EU similar to Brexit
  • ECB: EuroZone jobs recovery will play a important role in keeping overall EuroZone growth on track
  • Spiegel: Germany Chlr Merkel signs migration agreement with Spain
  • Italy PM Conte: Italy will defend their own interests on budget but they will not be “foolish”
  • US sanction Russia over their alleged role in UK Skripal poisoning
  • Bloomberg: US and Mexico aim to have a NAFTA automobile deal by the end of the week
  • Politico: Russia Pres Putin sought US concessions on arms control during Helsinki meeting
  • China retaliate to US with new tariffs and vows to match value
  • Chinese state media accuses the US of “mobster mentality”
  • Pew Research: most UK citizens see the EU as a benefit

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