The Day Today 11th September 2018

  • University of Sussex: UK businesses are already losing Investment due to Brexit.
  • EU Barnier signals real progress being made in negotiations.
  • FT: Conservative Eurosceptics MP fail to agree on an alternative Chequer’s proposal
  • Guardian: EU leaders agree that Nov summit will take place on Nov 13th
  • Bloomberg: UK Companies’ Bill post-Brexit exceeds $1bn.
  • European Parliament will debate disciplining Hungary after PM Orban speech
  • EU Commission Juncker will call EU an “uneasy state” in State of Union address
  • Google is bracing itself for today’s court date regarding the EU’s “right to be forgotten” law.
  • Further far-right marches in Germany after death in Köethen incident.
  • Italian supermarket chains predict 50,000 jobs at risk over plans to curtail Sunday trading.
  • Mexico FinMin Anaya: Mexico is open for a bilateral trade pact with the US even without Canada
  • Pres Trump is open to second N Korea Summit following another letter from Kim.
  • Russia prepares for its biggest joint war games since the Cold War.
  • Cooperation between China and Russia predicted to yield over $100bn as joint-committee estimates.

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