The Day Today 7th February 2019

  • Labour leader Corbyn outlines Labour’s Brexit policy to No 10; which amounts to a close alignment with the EU on regulations and trade policy
  • Pro-EU Labour MPs call Corbyn’s decision “totally demoralizing” enabling loss of jobs
  • BuzzFeed: Govt Ministers and Tory Brexiteers are unable to work together on the ‘Malthouse Agreement’
  • FT: Businesses were told there is no guarantee the UK economy will be covered by “most” of the EU’s global network of trade agreements
  • Bloomberg: UK Govt expected not to bring back a revised Withdrawal Agreement by Feb 13th
  • EU Tusk: there is a “special place in hell” for “those who promoted Brexit” without a plan
  • Times: EU diplomats say Tusk is “expressing widely held views and frustration about the U.K.’s failure to take ownership of Brexit”
  • Romania PM Dăncilă accuses the EU of having “double standards
  • Fed Chair Powell: “US economy is in a strong place” and remains resilient to “surprise” events like Brexit
  • Fed Vice Chair Quarles: “downdraft” in China and impact of a trade war are among the top concerns in the global economy
  • Former Fed Chair Yellen: “it is not out of the question that the Fed may need to raise rates again
  • Treasury Sec Mnuchin confirms he will travel to China next week to continue trade talks
  • CNBC: Trade Rep Lighthizer expects China deal will be done by “executive agreement” but what happens to the tariffs on March 1 is “not definitive.”

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