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Below is a selection of BlondeMoney occurring in global media:

Lend Me Your Ear

Helen Thomas, founder and CEO of BlondeMoney, talks to Liam Halligan for his financial podcast ‘Lend me your ear’. Liam is a renowned British journalist currently working for the Telegraph although his experience spans a number of institutions including the Financial Times and the Economist. He has recently also published a book entitled ‘Clean Brexit: Why leaving the EU still makes sense‘. Follow him on Twitter here.




Enigmatically entitled “Dr. Stu’s Naked Short Club” on Resonance FM, BlondeMoney explains along with various hedge fund luminaries including Epsilon Theory’s Dr. Ben Hunt and Spotlight’s Stephen Pope what recent market behaviour could indicate. The excellent intro kicks in at 01:54 and BlondeMoney first pipes up at 09:06 on the attached link.

Resonance FM 1

BBC Newsnight

Appeared on Newsnight to talk through negative Central Bank interest rates.


M&G Bond Vigilantes 

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