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The Day Today 19 May 2014

* Ben Bernanke (remember him?) has been spreading the word about “lower for longer” at a series of $250k dinners with wealthy investors. One attendee claimed Ben had said rates would be unlikely to reach the long term average rate of 4% during his lifetime….

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The Day the Fed fired the starting gun

After several months of teasing the market, the Fed finally delivered its taper. A week before Christmas, this was a punchy move. The message was clear too. In his response to the first question,

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The Day Today 31 Oct 2013

* FOMC last night dropped reference to “tightening of financial conditions” but that’s not surprising given their lack of taper did the easing for them!

* Eurozone inflation slows to 0.7%,

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The Day Today 18 Oct

* RBA Governor Stevens says it all: • “I think the direction I suppose is not entirely surprising. The Fed was expected to taper then they didn’t. I think most people seem now to expect that while it will happen,

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The Day Today 10 Oct

The Fed are data dependent now, and, er, there isn’t any data…paralysis to persist until US debt ceiling – and shutdown – resolved. Unusual equity market response whereby cash prices aren’t moving much,

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