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The Day Today 17 Oct 2014

* Fed Bullard takes his message to the FT in an interview: “I do think that this global situation is serious…Europe is threatening to go into a triple dip recession and maybe even reignite the European sovereign debt crisis.” He said a pause in purchases would be a “low cost move that we could make,

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The Day Today 10 Oct 2014

Expect more of these articles now that we’re worried about German growth:

AEP in Telegraph: Eurozone on cusp of triple-dip recession as German exports crumble [that refers to a forecast of exports by the 5 Wise Men,

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The Day Today 7 Oct 2014

* Fed’s George: “starting this process [of raising rates] sooner rather than later is important” otherwise you may have to do more later

On the weak yen:
* Abe: it’s hurting small companies and households
* FinMin Amari: Govt trying to minimise damage of it on companies
* Kuroda: “not a minus”

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