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What kind of bell is Bullard?

There was a time that James Bullard of the St Louis Fed was known as the bellwether of the Fed.┬áSince then he’s been a bell of other varieties after some inconsistent comments, but his presentation earlier this year is important given its influence on the Fed’s hawks. As such, his pronouncements are still worth listening…

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Ahead of #J-Ho, A reminder of the argument of the #FOMC hawks

Yes, we are really calling it J-Ho. Jackson Hole just got Twittered. Ahead of that, here’s a reminder of the charts from┬áthe presentation by Bullard on just how close the Fed is to achieving the goals of its dual mandate (first released 9th June, updated 17 July) http://bit.ly/1p0aybf: 1. The Fed is closer to its…

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The more we hear, the less we know

Mark Carney’s first Treasury Select Committee hearing earlier this year was remarkable for one thing: his obsession with communication. The success of the Bank of Canada’s so-called ‘contingent commitment’ was taken up with aplomb by the Fed, and now Carney brings it to the BoE with ‘forward guidance’. Even the ECB want to join the…

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