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Rates on hold forever

And so the worm has turned… even the hawks at the BOE have thrown in the towel with the “risk of low inflation becoming more persistent”, leading to a unanimous 9-0 vote to do nothing with interest rates.

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The Day Today 15 Jan 2015

* India unexpectedly cuts 25bp to 7.75% due to lower inflation, the stock market and the rupee rally

* S Korea cuts its GDP and inflation forecasts by 0.5 pct pts

* Fed Beige Book shows signs of wages increasing

* You know this story by now: Yields on Finland 5yr yield Swiss 7yr turn negative

* Finland emerges as the big protestor against Greece bailout deal

* Carney points out that the Scottish referendum result was a good one given the oil price slide: “It is a negative shock to the Scottish economy,

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The Day Today 26 Nov 2014

* Talks between Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia and Mexico end in stalemate, agreeing only that prices below $80 were “not good” and vowing to meet again in 3 months’

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The Day Today 21 Oct 2014

* Growth slows to lowest level since Q1 2009 at 7.3%
* Retail Sales and Fixed Asset Invmt also slowed

* Misery widespread at all types of hedge fund: ‘Top firms including Jana Partners LLC,

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