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Exit ECB, stage right. Curtain falls.

So now we know. Draghi couldn’t have put it more bluntly: “we should get used to a period of higher volatility”. “The Governing Council was unanimous in the need to look through this”.  

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Enter the ECB, Stage Left

Which of these two charts will matter most for the ECB today?

1. Bund yields continue to climb, even after the Coeure comments two weeks ago that they might do more QE ahead of the less liquid summer months [not helped by the revelation the ECB actually bought less in the week of those comments]:

Bund 3 June 2015


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Rubicons and Shibboleths

Let us not shrug off last week’s action by the ECB – by putting forward a bold quantitative easing programme they have crossed the rubicon. It was said it could never be done;

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All change please, all change

Canada’s surprise 25bp interest rate cut yesterday is significant. Not just because it had a big impact on the markets, but also because it shows the shift that is taking place since OPEC’s decision not to increase production at the end of November.

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