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The Day Today 28 Aug

* WPost: U.S. intelligence has established timeline of Syrian chemical attack, officials say  http://wapo.st/19XfWuN
* Fox: Any U.S. strike against Syria likely to last ‘hours not days’ http://fxn.ws/17fgbiF

* Indian companies complain rupee collapse means they can’t plan more than a couple of months ahead. “How can a business operate when the currency is on a free-fall?” says CEO of Videocon Industries  http://bit.ly/16NK6sg
* Indonesia to hold extra central bank meeting on Aug 29

* Yellen’s finances disclosed – ‘$4.8mm to $13.2mm’- vs Summers 2009 disclosure of $7.9mm-$31.7mm  http://on.wsj.com/1dlZpko
* Steve Beckner: Resignation to Summers Chairmanship Sets in at Fed
* RTRS: White House not yet vetting Yellen for Fed chair http://alturl.com/2oi4s

* BoC’s Murray: Ending stimulus should be seen as a positive development http://on.wsj.com/17iWiWg

* China Should Raise Deposit Rate Ceiling, Widen CNY trading band, PBOC Official Writes {NSN MS7UAP6K50Y2 <go>}

* Abe adviser Hamada: sales tax increase should be postponed by 1yr, and then only by 1% per yr. Increasing spending or QE to smooth its passage makes no sense as it’s intended to repair Japan’s fiscal balance {NSN MS6QZG6JIJV2 <go>}

* RBA’s Edwards tells WSJ: AUD too high and needs to fall further http://on.wsj.com/1aLpjgr

* France unveils pension reforms. 43 years of work to be required before receiving state pension  {NSN MS7AGN6JIJVW <go>} FT {NSN MS7D253H0JK0 <go>}
* Merkel electioneering continues: Greece should never have been allowed in the euro  http://bit.ly/150FaRa

* Ahead of his speech at 13:45 LDN today – The Times: Mark Carney staying firm on rock-bottom rate  http://thetim.es/1fhceJm
* “The BoE will lose control of inflation and 1980s mass unemployment will return” Andrew Lilico in the Telegraph  http://bit.ly/182f6XU

Welcome, friends

Let’s kick things off with a brief introduction. I’m a petite blonde working in the City of London (well, Mayfair to be exact) that has a view or two on events moving financial markets. My background is foreign exchange. No, not selling you holiday money (although perhaps we can come to some arrangement on that should you need it, I’ve currently got some rubles lying around), but dealing in one of the oldest and most liquid markets in the world. It’s the place where macro comes to play, as well as a wonderful embodiment of mad market sentiment, even though the machines are ever-present. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Yours/Mine shag in the bill and ben”, you’re in the right place. And if you haven’t, hopefully you’ll still find these outpourings useful. Or possibly just amusing.