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Hold onto your hats

As London was going home on Tuesday February 3rd, EUR/USD had almost hit 1.1500 – that’s up 3.5% from its post ECB QE lows. Prior to that, it had fallen almost 5% from the moment just before Mr Draghi stood up to give his press conference.

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Don’t hit the sherry too soon

It always happens when you least expect it, doesn’t it?*

And lo, so it was that the dollar did rally up to the highs of the year, just as the market had hoped on January 1st but had suffered in want of for most of this blessed year.

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The Day Today 2 Oct 2014

Stock markets a sea of red, the dollar in reverse, but most significantly the US 10yr closed below the key 2.45% level. Are all of September’s positions about to be reversed?

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The Day Today 1 Oct 2014

* Japan Tankan survey:
– Boost investment by most since 2007
– But non-manufacturers and small businesses show deterioration in sentiment
– Employment index shows tightest labour market since 1992
Japan Tankan Employment
As USD/JPY hits 110,

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