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The Day Today 9 Jan 2015

* China PPI falls further into deflation, -3.3% in Dec from -2.7% in Nov

* The ECB already owns 8% of Greek bonds – Coeure yesterday said it would be illegal to restructure this debt

* Fed’s dissenting dove (but now non-voter) Kocherlakota says the Fed “could have,

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The Day Today 23 Dec 2014

* Former Fed Governor Donald Kohn warns the Fed may be on hold for all of 2015 due to overseas risks and lower inflation expectations – note that he also sits on the BOE’s FPC

* Saudi oil minister: .“It is not in the interest of Opec producers to cut their production,

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The Day Today 9 Dec 2014

* China tightens use of corporate bonds as collateral – nothing under AAA allowed for repos, and explicitly says won’t apply to the bonds of local govt financing vehicles.

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