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The Day Today 17 Oct

* Senate (81-18) & House (198-87) vote to lift debt limit until Feb 7th and fund Govt to Jan 15  {fifw NSN MUSRY96S972M <go>} http://reut.rs/H5sD9n * Given risk rally ahead of the deal, it’s been a case of “buy rumour/sell fact” this morning * S&P: shutdown cost $24bn and shaved at least 0.6% off Q4 growth {fifw NSN MUSSR76S972B <go>} * Fed Beige Book saw 4 out of 12 districts report slower growth amid ‘uncertainty’ over the shutdown (survey took place through Oct 7th) * China’s rating agency Dagong downgrades US credit rating from ‘A’ to ‘A-‘ {fifw NSN MUSYJ46JTSEV <go>}

* Data that we have missed during shutdown: Oct Employment report Aug Trade balance Sep PPI and CPI Sep retail sales Aug TICS Sep housing starts Sep Industrial Prod’n

* BlackRock With Pimco See Fed Delaying Stimulus Taper as Treasuries Rally

* London Luring Foreign Companies With Low Taxes as Banks Retrench – comparing UK corporation tax rate of 23% with Swiss at 18%  {fifw NSN MUS5ZV6VDKHS <go>} * BOE’s Dale Sees Chance of a Rate Increase in 2014: Guardian {fifw NSN MUSW2T6KLVRP <go>} [though what he actually says is that the “big message is that monetary policy is going to remain loose for a considerable period of time”]

* Dimon Said to Have Given Up Role at Bank Unit at Request of U.S. Regulator to ‘improve corporate governance’ {fifw NSN MUSTZ96S972D <go>}

* Singapore non-oil domestic exports (sa) better than exp, +5.7% YoY vs 2.6%exp and -6.0% prior

Calm before the storm?

Lowest non-holiday volume in 6yrs creates record high quote/trade ratio from the High Freq guys.  Who’s trading? #doom