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Due to a printing error, tomorrow’s Guardian is full of water.


* Drowned Italian Wins Eurovision
* Bank of England Recovers from Swollen Chairman Unusualness
* Elastic song strangles Hucknall
* Girl Made Of Paint Wins By-election


Hello you
There was a rotting smell of fear in the City today when leisure conglomerate Bottington Fiasco fell 10 percentages leaving the cup open for a hammer bid from Silica FistFruit at 12.

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The Day Today 15 July 2014

  • Fed Chair semi-annual testimony today, so Janet Yellen’s magazine interview with the New Yorker pored over with even more interest than usual. Latest quote: ‘”And so even when the headwinds have diminished to the point where the economy is finally back on track and it’s where we want it to be,

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The Day Today 7 July 2014

* Following last week’s stellar jobs report… ex-Fed Vice Chair Alan Blinder warns that “there is a risk” the economy repeats the 1970s due to poor productivity growth, meaning the FOMC must be a “little more cautious”

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The (Independence) Day Today 4 July 2014

Oh say can you see, by the dawn’s early light… that the US data yesterday was uniformly indicative of a strong economy. On this day 13 years ago yours truly arrived in New York as a fresh faced graduate with an American bank,

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The Day Today 3 July 2014

Today’s the big one, with the US holiday tomorrow bringing forward all the US data, so Mario Draghi will have to fight the non-farm payrolls backwash if he wants to make waves with his press conference at the same time.

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