Jedi Central Banking

Remember those fund managers who said they were kicking themselves for missing the “lower for longer” hints dropped by Bernanke over $250k dinners?  [ if you don’t…]

Even Bernanke is supposed to have expressed surprise afterwards that anyone listened to him,

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Why #Clegglookingsad matters

Amid the hysteria about the European election results (Neo-nazis! Racists! Feminists! Satirists!), let’s pick out what really matters. (Though if you do want a good summary of those extremists, here’s the Guardian’s take:

The result signals a potentially destabilising period for the coalition –…

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What happens when you’re not looking

As I write the Euro is heading towards the high printed at the end of last year, 1.3893. This just after Bloomberg’s Chart of the Day on Monday was entitled “Euro suffocated as 2014 Range is the least on record”

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