Wibbly Wobbly Stocks

The new year has just begun and we already know it’s not been the easiest start to the year for many. In the next 48 hours we will see if the ECB take action over stubbornly low inflation, but more importantly, will the US jobs data show that January really was some kind of one-off…

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Fear of Liquidity

Since the Fed failed to taper, the market has taken another hit of the “lower for longer” drug that has been its comfort over the last 5 years. Volatility has fallen, stocks have rallied, yields are lower. The difference now is that we’ve seen what happens when it’s revealed the Emperor has no clothes, courtesy of…

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Back to reality

It’s been a long week. Will they, won’t they – it’s the big storyline in this week’s soap opera live from Capitol Hill. Frankly the thought of a Boehner/Obama clinch is more offputting than a 5% fall in the S&P, but I’m saved from the latter anyway by the fact the the S&P had its…

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Calm before the storm?

Lowest non-holiday volume in 6yrs creates record high quote/trade ratio from the High Freq guys.  Who’s trading? #doom

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Baked in the cake.

Extremely overvalued, overbought, overbullish conditions for US stocks?  If rates rise, history says sell. 

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