What do we do now?

So we were all waiting for the inauguration. Now we’re all waiting for…. what, exactly? Some kind of confirmation that either a) we should add to the trend of the past few months; or b) get the hell out. And for this signal, we look to what we have always looked to: policymaker intentions or…

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Trump Day One

It’s actually not just Day One we need to consider. It’s Days Two and Three as well, given that he gets almost 72 hours to exercise his executive power before the markets get a chance to price all those changes. And yet, as we have seen, volatility measures are low; the belief in both long…

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There is always volatility around turning points

The world is shifting on its axis. The markets are realising, after almost 10 years of constant¬†focus upon them, that they’re being thrown to the wolves. Left to fend for themselves. Worse, in the case of Trump, forced to say “how high” when he says “jump”. But we’re not there yet. Old habits die hard….

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Why we struggle with the new world of risk

So, you’re now thinking, after the biggest rally in GBP in 9 years, what next? What other crazy over-crowded positions could get hosed down after someone repeats what they had always been saying, but no-one wanted to listen? Because we know, don’t we, deep down, that the fundamentals go out of the window when positions…

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Think! Part 2

Blondemoney enjoys how this blog collates threads because it shows how themes seep through markets (even if it does also show up where she was wrong as well as right). How investors start to come to a realisation of what the driver is. We have had “Hands up if you’re not easing“, “Inflation” and even…

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