The End of the Cheap money party

i know, it’s Christmas season and it’s just one long party and you don’t want to think of it ending….. but folks, Blondemoney is afraid to tell you it is.

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Yield Curve Control?

The BOJ today left everything unchanged but reaffirmed their comment to Yield Curve Control. Kuroda: “not considering accepting yield gains or raising long term JGB target just because yields are rising overseas”.

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Let the battle between #FOMO and #FOTU commence!

You always have to love an investor survey, and the latest Quarterly from Barclays encapsulates clearly the battle we will now face over the next few weeks: between the Fear Of Missing Out and the Fear Of The Unknown.

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Inflation is even alive in the EU

In the midst of the back up in yields and all the talk of this fabled Trumpian/Reaganite fiscal stimulus, here’s one chart of EU inflation from Markit:



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