Fed’s dead, baby. Fed’s dead.

The final Fed meeting of the year, and it’s all fully priced for a hike. December hikes: Janet Yellen is a fan. Remember last year when the first one was supposed to cause utter disaster?

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Why the Fed is no longer the main game in town

Yesterday the BIS praised financial markets for spotting the paradigm shift that they would no longer be spoon fed by central banks. That the real risk, in fact, came from judging the massive policy uncertainty that Albert Edwards so beautifully demonstrated in his chart which makes him panic.

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You’re getting there, say the #BIS

With just under two weeks to go until the holidays begin, and just the hump of the Fed meeting this week to get through, we could all be forgiven for just thinking about crossing the 2016 finishing line intact.

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Let Us Know When You Might Start Hiking #ecb

The somewhat ambivalent approach to today’s ECB meeting is a sign of just how dead monetary policy is. We can’t quite leave behind the lower-forever days that consumed us for most of this year,

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Who’s talking to who?

Those of us who sit with our heads immersed in financial markets can sometimes feel as if we are the centre of the world. It all meets here, the hopes and fears of all the years;

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