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Taking Back Control

In short: Parliament is trying to stop No Deal but it’s difficult.

  1. Now that we know Plan B is Plan A, it’s clear TM is ticking down the clock to try to force her Deal versus No Brexit or No Deal
  2. A fresh slew of amendments released last night has been designed to try to prevent No Deal
  3. This is pushing Brexiteers to try to prevent No Brexit

So TM’s plan is working.

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Plan B = Plan A

Today Theresa May presents her Plan B to Parliament. At the time of writing it appears to be much like Plan A, but with “something” extra to sort out the Irish Backstop issue.

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…is repeating the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

A view is taking hold that if Parliament could just keep voting over and over again,

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May’s Meaningless Migraine

Here’s the result of the Meaningful Vote versus the BlondeMoney prediction, backing the fact that our models are working with significant accuracy:

  • The sheer magnitude of this big loss means that every faction will feel emboldened to go for their “unicorn”.

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