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The Week That Will Be (22 September 2019)

This week we will find out:

  1. Will the UK leave the EU on 31st October with No Deal? – Yes. Even if the government lose the Supreme Court case and Parliament is recalled (ruling due Mon/Tues)
  2. How much dissent over recent rate cuts? 

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Weaponising the Backstop

++ The DUP have not changed their position. Boris is now championing the Unionist cause to get a Deal without the backstop. This will force Ireland and the EU into a battle over what to do about the border.

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Repo Rumpus

The Rumpus in Repo Rates signifies:

  1. The Fed are not prioritising the plumbing of the markets

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Spain snap election won’t solve anything

++ The fourth election in four years won’t solve Spain’s institutional problem: it can’t cope with coalition governments. As we warned in July, the next election will likely be too soon to resolve its fragmentation and Spain will limp through another stalemate ++

The State of Play

Since his election victory in April,

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