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Good inflation

With higher bond yields a-go-go, and equity markets continuing to make record highs, doesn’t this feel like a little bit more than just Goldilocks? Doesn’t it feel, whisper it, like a kind of proper boom? The JPM Global PMI index is at 7 year highs, after all. And now we have some US tax cuts…

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In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King

Sometimes it’s not all about a big narrative. Sometimes, it is important to sweat the small stuff. Here’s a menu of tidbits to bear in mind while the Euphoria of cheap passive money being put to work continues: The UK Labour Party lurches left At yesterday’s elections to Labour’s National Executive Committee, the big winners…

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It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Plenty of excitement about all the European and UK positives in the world, with EUR and GBP up at their highs of recent years against the USD. Growth is certainly gangbusters in the Eurozone, and the ECB are certainly pulling back from their monetary accommodation. We already knew that, didn’t we? From Coeure’s July appraisal…

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Central Bank Beatlemania

Excitement over the recent moves in USD/JPY are reminiscent of a kind of central banking Beatlemania, a sort of mop-top monetary BOJ and PBOC playing the roles of Paul and John. Ooh, the Bank of Japan reduced monetary operations, they might be tightening this year, that stuff about

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There was only really one big surprise last year: volatility. Or rather, the entire lack of it. The VIX index printed its lowest level ever. And the low volatility was persistent. There were 79 days when it traded below 10; in its entire 1990-2016 history, it had only traded below that level for 18 days….

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