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With the world’s central banks in contortions to deliver “dovish hikes”, it’s no wonder volatility levels keep falling. Lower-for-longer is the mantra that’s been drummed into us for so long, it’s hard to believe rates could rise properly ever again. In last week’s press conference,Carney was asked last week if the hike was the first…

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It’s Only Words

Blondemoney is this morning listening to the ECB’s Nowotny as he takes great care to explain the ECB have not, and will not, use the word “taper”.  Yesterday Mark Carney said he would like to say this was the first step on a normal hiking cycle but he can’t. Come on boys, spit it out!…

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The Lame Duck and the Unreliable Boyfriend

Two central bank meetings in two days: both considered slam dunks in terms of market pricing. The Fed will do nothing today, aside from confirm the market is right to price ~80% chance of a hike in their next meeting in December; the BOE will hike tomorrow, of which the market is 90% certain. In…

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Beware the Mouse

ECB day, and all through the house, no creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Yes, today is supposed to be the day that the unexpected QE junkies at the European Central Bank hit the off switch and go cold turkey. Well, switch to methadone perhaps. After all, they are expected to continue with their…

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What happens in a Sell-Off

It has been so long since we have seen a significant risk-asset sell off, that this question might strike you as irrelevant. And in any case, some risky things have sold off recently, such as Turkish assets, or the South African Rand for example. In fact, you might agree with previous Blondemoney posts that we…

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