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Politics Rumbles On…

Yes it’s still the summer holidays, but the politicians are shuffling the deck, getting ready for their return.

With only 13 days with parliament sitting until the allegedly final European Council Summit in October,

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Mange Tout Iain, as they say in France

Two nations divided by a common language. More like two languages. Financial Markets and Politics like to think they understand one another, but the recent output from Donald, Recep, Vladimir and the rest reminds us that what politicians want and what the markets want are often two different things.

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Scores On The Doors

Another leg lower in the Turkish lira overnight, dragging down with it a whole bunch of other EM currencies. Measures announced by the Central Bank stopped the rot briefly, and USD/TRY now sits in the middle of a delightful 6.40-7.20 range.

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From Unreliable to Irrelevant

BlondeMoney View:

BlondeMoney Bank of England call: unchanged. GBP to fall whatever happens.

  1. The unreliable boyfriend is the ultimate politician. His term ends in 11 months.

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