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Pendulums and Swans

After all of last week’s hullaballoo, how are we left? We know that once again the movement in the price of assets can be breathtaking in its speed and magnitude.

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Risk Is The Trigger – Pt 2

Just a reminder of that diagram from Part 1, for those who might have missed it (how could you!):

We flagged up Italy’s new government formation as another risk that we were already aware of,

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Stem the Bleeding

With the UK and US back today, it’s the first chance both markets have had to respond to the Italy news. In the fresh light of day, Mattarella’s choice has done nothing more than raise the stakes.

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Italy – 10 bullet points

The BlondeMoney View:

The Euro and Italian assets can rally as the establishment is back in charge. This will inflame, rather than neutralise, anti-establishment sentiment. Italian govt bonds should carry a risk premium whatever happens,

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