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The Last Jedi

With last night’s Bank of Japan meeting, Kuroda joins Draghi in battling it out to appear as a hologram to Kylo Deflation Ren. They’re bowing out of the fight from a bygone age.

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Pendulums and Swans Pt 2

Oh but we just all want to enjoy this summer heatwave and ignore everything don’t we? That would mean we would miss a very enlightening signal.

Yesterday, Facebook’s share price fell by 20%.

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The Blame Game

For all that central banks are considered unimpeachable disciples of their mandates, they’re not averse to the basic human desire to avoid blame. BlondeMoney was reminded that this week, ten years ago,

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What Connects Texas, Boris, and Fangs?

No film-fans, it’s not a Vampire Western. It’s something even more terrifying…

1. Texas Hedges

These are investments that increase, rather than decrease, exposure to risk.

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What is a Back-Stop Not?

As Michael Barrymore memorably (almost) said, it’s not a Good Spot. The Back-stop over Northern Ireland continues to be the key battleground for Brexit.

BlondeMoney View:

The countdown to either ‘Brexit In Name Only’ or ‘No Deal’ in Q3 has begun.

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