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Norwegian Chequers

++ BlondeMoney View: No Deal is still the most likely outcome ++ 

  • Nobody said anything at the Salzburg summit that we didn’t already know.
    • Macron has always been disgusted by Brexiteers
    • Merkel has always defended the indivisible Four Freedoms
    • Tusk has always warned about cherry picking
    • The EU27 are united behind Barnier (it’s easier that way)
    • And poor old Theresa is trying to sell a deal to .

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Brexit Explained

As we head into the thick of UK-EU negotiations, it’s tough to see the detail in the fudgey murk. The BBC did its best last night with a Panorama summary of the situation,

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Same Old Same Old

It sure is strangely quiet out there. Tragic anniversaries come thick and fast this week. A time for sombre reflection. Meanwhile the macro world keeps delivering us the same messages:


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Why There Will Be ‘No Deal’ – In One Chart!

The BlondeMoney team has spent the summer going through all 650 MPs in the UK Parliament to determine their personal view on Brexit. We ranked them on a scale of -15 for the most “Remain” to +15 for the most “Leave”.

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