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Quarter Quell

Various indicators suggest this upcoming Quarter End should see outflows from Equities and inflows into Fixed Income, along with USD buying due to Fed QT. The sharp options traders flag up that derivatives positions should actually lead to buying of SPX tomorrow into the close.

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Trading With The Enemy

It was only a matter of time before those big big hands stumbled on the right lever of power. Someone in his team has been paying attention to what Congress has passed over all these years.

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Catalyst for a Financial Crisis…

BlondeMoney CEO and founder Helen Thomas has been interviewed by LiquidiTV about what she believes is the biggest vulnerability in the market.

Below is her interview, although should you want the PDF version you can find that by clicking here.

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What Do You Think of Markets Right Now?

A chat with one of our most loyal, lovely and longest-running clients yielded this question. He gets asked it all the time. In a nutshell isn’t it the question you ask yourself?

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What Event Risk?

Exhibit A: ECB changes from the last meeting to this meeting

: no discussion of QE ending
Now: anticipates it will end in December 2018
Previously: rates unch ‘as long as necessary’
Now: a hike in >12 months time.

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