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FED+ECB in 7 Bullet points

+++ Hawkish but Euro prey to squeeze lower. Market instability to increase as another nail in the coffin for the end of the free money, momentum-driven party +++


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Peace In Our Time

Beautiful. What days are these in which we live. The economic dislocation wrought by the financial crisis has seen its eventual political realignment, characterised by a re-ordering of global power and domestic revolution.

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That was the Week that Will Be

Yes a deliberate humdinger of a Schrodinger’s grammatical mash-up as we face the week ahead. North Korea, Brexit, Fed, ECB, BOJ, Inflation, S&P quarterly re-balancing… it’s all here. We could go through each and tell you what we think will happen.

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Wobbles a-go-go as we head into the end of the week. To wit:
1. BRexit
Much fanfare over very little as erstwhile resigner-in-chief David Davis taunts us with his Ross-and-Rachel threats to walk out if he doesn’t get what he wants.

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