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Deal? Update 1

Will Cabinet approve the deal? 

  • No-one has resigned yet: suggests nobody wants to be a wrecker
  • But in a meeting where no-one really knows what the person sitting next to them will do,

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At the time of writing, this is what we know: 
– The Withdrawal Agreement, 500 pages long, is ready and Cabinet ministers saw it Tuesday ahead of their meeting 2pm Wednesday
– EU27 Ambassadors meet Wednesday to give their approval
– If Cabinet approve,

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Midterms: What Next?

The US Midterms, the Trump referendum. With all but 10 seats in the House and 3 in the Senate officially declaring a winner, it is now clear that in 2019 Democrats will hold the House and the Republicans look likely to extend their majority in the Senate.

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Backstop Crunch

It’s the end of the week, you’re dreaming of a nice glass of red wine / cool beer / GnT come 5 o’clock. (Or maybe, if you’re BlondeMoney, all three at once).

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