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King Dollar

Here comes Larry Kudlow, the former coke addict turned Catholic convert, Bear Stearns banker turned blogger, to replace Gary Cohn as Trump’s top economic advisor. We can be in no doubt about his opinions, given he’s spent the last fifteen years as a commentator on CNBC. So it was with no surprise that

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Spring in His Step

Fiscal Phil delivered his Spring Statement with all the gusto of a man whose other nickname is “Spreadsheet Phil”. In other words, cautious optimism mixed with the driest of wit. The economy is doing better than predicted in November’s Budget, by a whole 0.1 percentage pts, and did you know 60,000 new first time buyers …

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Credit: Increasingly a Market of Inches

Another new contributor to BlondeMoney for you all to enjoy! NW6Penguin is the moniker of our own credit specialist. They have experience across 2 international banks in a career spanning over 2 decades. Follow them on twitter here. This piece is longer than our normal articles so click here if you would prefer the PDF version. Enjoy and feedback is always welcome! —————————————————–…

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Happy Monday!

We were cheerful Friday morning and the jobs report in the afternoon led to a happy Asia trading session. Even a scandal involving the Japanese FinMin selling land at a cheap price to a school linked to his wife couldn’t stop the Nikkei from closing up. Buy the Dip continues to be alive and well….

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Reasons to be Cheerful

Sometimes, there is good news. It may not pan out that way in the longer term, but markets are all about the balance of probabilities, and a surprise to the upside needs to be factored in as much as a surprise to the downside. 1. North Korea Could anyone have predicted a year ago we…

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