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Playing Politics

Let’s all give thanks for our central banks today. They are our overlords, saving us from another Great Depression by spoon feeding us with their communications. Namaste. Ah but the appreciation can be tough when they throw in something like the Fed Minutes last night. It was all settling in so nicely for a December…

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A Budget for The (Westminster) People

Budget Day! Usually a day to discuss who in the economy will be chucked a freebie, how much the price of beer will rise, and how many sips of water the Chancellor will take. Oh for the days when it was whisky. Now that would be enough to get more than just the economics geeks…

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You Drive Me Berserk-el, Angela Merkel

Ah, markets. Where the price of an asset is supposed to reflect at all times the discounted value of the future, based on all available current information. But what’s this now? The rational Germans unable to form a government as the FDP walks out of talks? Really? As BlondeMoney warned on the morning after the…

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Not all Tapers are Created Equal

Much head scratching and teeth gnashing after the Euro staged a significant rally out of thin air yesterday. Sure, it was kicked off by stellar German GDP and confidence data but that was offset by lower Spanish core inflation, but the bid in the Euro lasted persistently throughout the European day. Every single hour saw…

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