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Midterm Madness

Our good friends at FXEffects have put together a fabulous summary of what to expect from the US Mid-Term elections, including a cheat sheet so that you can watch how each state performs as the results come in tonight.

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A Deal on the Horizon

  1. Leaks suggest the Withdrawal Agreement will include a UK-wide Customs Union backstop and will be accompanied by a political declaration of our future relationship that leaves the door open to a Canada-style free trade deal.

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Dangerous Policy Making

UK Budget Takeaways:

  1. Austerity is “coming to an end”, rather than, as the Prime Minister said, being over
  2. 32m people will benefit from a cut in income tax that comes from raising the personal allowances a year earlier than promised.

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Markets Talk

Topics include:

  • What can we expect from this Budget? Will there be more help for the failing UK high street?
  • Apple and Facebook’s earnings reports are released.

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Spreadsheet Phil’s Budget Smugglers

Yes today is the day that the Chancellor of the Exchequer lays out their spending and tax plans for the years ahead, guiding the economy over the medium term in order to ease the government happily into a stonking majority at the next election.

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