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Positions, People

Still we chew the cud over all the developments of the past two weeks. Did higher interest rates scare stock markets, triggering the VIX into a spiral due to esoteric vol products? Is higher than expected US inflation good or bad for stocks? Aren’t higher interest rates good for the US Dollar? But then a…

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Shadow Boxing

We may be pausing for breath but we are still digesting last week’s events. Whistleblowers are now popping up to say the VIX index is being manipulated by “unethical electronic option market makers”. We only have 48 hours to go before the XIV finally supposedly expires, potentially heralding more chicanery in VIX futures today and tomorrow….

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The Revolution Begins

As you awaken, strange events have taken place into the dark of the New York Close last night. You may have some questions. Was it a flash crash? Well, it moved quickly but it wasn’t blink and you missed it. The VIX hit 38.8, more than double where it was trading on Friday, but it…

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View from Brussels Pt 1

2018 is a busy year for BlondeMoney! As you may know, we are expanding. We recently hosted a dinner of finance and policy specialists to discuss Brexit, and we have a new contributor to provide us with the ‘View from Brussels’. Her name is WriteMoney, and as a former financial journalist and Brussels resident, she will be keeping us…

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Adios Janet

Today is Janet Yellen’s last day at the Fed. Will she throw in a last minute surprise or is she already picking out the exact flavour of piña colada for her extended beach holiday? It’s a no press conference, no economic projections meeting, and as such is largely expected to deliver precisely nothing. But she…

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