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Beware the Mouse

ECB day, and all through the house, no creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Yes, today is supposed to be the day that the unexpected QE junkies at the European Central Bank hit the off switch and go cold turkey. Well, switch to methadone perhaps. After all, they are expected to continue with their…

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What happens in a Sell-Off

It has been so long since we have seen a significant risk-asset sell off, that this question might strike you as irrelevant. And in any case, some risky things have sold off recently, such as Turkish assets, or the South African Rand for example. In fact, you might agree with previous Blondemoney posts that we…

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The Battle Continues

And so the Japanese Yen falls to a three month low as Shinzo Abe achieves what Theresa May could not, by winning his snap election. He even, despite his governing coalition losing seats, manages to retain his two-thirds majority in the Lower House. This matters. The market has decided that’s because it means Abenomics will get a…

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Politics Strikes Back

And so, to New Zealand, where the market had decided it was all going to be business as usual following their closely fought election of four weeks ago. The National Party were expected to maintain the status quo, particularly with those pesky polls showing they went into the election 10 pts ahead of the Labour Party. Oho…

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What is Priced?

Today Sterling managed to shed almost 1% of its value following the press conferencebetween UK and EU Brexit negotiators Davis and Barnier. The line from Barnier that caused GBP such pain was: “we have reached a state of deadlock which is very disturbing”. In truth, we all already knew this. The UK wants to talk about…

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