Special one-off reports with the lowdown on key market-moving events.

Brexit – The BlondeMoney Shot

Risks that are not being taken into account: New government without a new election. Emerging Market style currency crisis and capital outflows. No Brexit taking place. Risks for your portfolio: Disruption to normal BOE interest rate hiking cycle. Dislocation to the price of GBP. EM-style risk premium for Gilts.

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The UK General Election 2017

Highly uncertain outcome due to realignment of electorate post financial crisis. Turnout will be key. Increased risk of Disorderly Brexit whatever the outcome Risks for your portfolio: Disorderly Brexit risk to increase GBP implied volatility, particularly vs EUR. Complicates timing of first BOE rate hike. Stagflation risk premium for Gilts and UK small cap equity…

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