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The Day Today 28 May 2014

* Fed’s Lockhart (non-voter) sees first rate rise in H2 2015 and says the 6 months period between end of taper and first rate hike is “is at the short end of a period that could be somewhat longer” {fifw NSN N69GA86KLVRE <go>}   * This is the kind of reversal we’re in –…

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The Day Today 27 May 2014

A full wrap of the ECB Forum below, but in other news: * Charlie Bean might be leaving the BOE next month but he’s framing the argument currently ongoing at the MPC – whether to raise rates earlier and then only have to take ‘baby steps’ to a lower rate, or wait for fear of…

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The Day Today (Friday edition)

* What Geithner Remembers and Investors Forget as Market Calm of ’07 Returns. ‘Yet just six years on and with zero-interest rates still in place, there’s talk of a Great Moderation 2.0, a rebooting of the label given to the 1990s and early 2000s, when the mass of investors bet markets only went one way.’…

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The (Election) Day Today 22 May 2014

* Russia signs $400bn gas supply contract with China – Gazprom will provide 38bn cubic metres of natural gas over a 30 year period   * BBRG: The euro region maintained its uneven recovery this month as Germany helped drive a surge in services activity that offset a slowdown in manufacturing across the bloc….

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The Day Today 21 May 2014

* Fed’s Dudley gave a key speech on what actually will happen when the exit begins, covering in detail more about the reverse report market the Fed could use to withdraw liquidity. They told us tapering wasn’t tightening, now they’re telling us that exit doesn’t mean the start of lots of rate hikes……

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