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"The Day Today" - 18 Dec 2014

* ECB Coeure sets stage for QE: “I see a broad consensus around the table in the governing council that we need to do more”…“It’s not that much of a question on whether we should do something,

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"The Day Today" - 15 Dec 2014

* Abe retains his super-majority: ‘We heard the voice of the people saying ‘Move forward with Abenomics” though on a record low turnout, 53.3% vs 59.3% last time

* This story not going away,

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"The Day Today" - 8 December 2014

*BIS warns again about how a dollar rally could cause severe problems for Emerging Market companies

* Here is the FAZ article released Friday about the ECB’s 1trn QE package (google translated here)
* TLTRO on Thursday: 148bn the median estimate,

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