The Day Today

"The ECB Day Today" - 4 Dec 2014

* Oil price fall gives unexpected boost to Eurozone periphery

* Polls suggest Abe’s election gamble will pay off, predicting he will win 300 out of 475 seats

* Fed Beige Book sounds positive but reports subdued wage growth
* Fed Richard Fisher wants them to start selling off their bond holdings
* Fellow hawk Plosser: “Keeping the funds rate target near zero when inflation is close to our goal and the economy is near full employment is both unprecedented and risky in my view’

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"The Day Today" - 3 Dec 2014

* ECB Weidmann criticises EU commission for leeway over budget plans: “It should be clear that monetary policy can’t solve structural problems in the euro area and also can’t lift the growth potential sustainably,”

* Swedish Budget may not be passed,

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"The Day Today" - 2 Dec 2014

* The Russian rouble suffers its biggest one day fall since the 1998 default crisis, the central bank spends billions to stabilise it and worries are now that it could become systemic with Russian banks putting limits on withdrawals of dollars and euros.

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