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"The Day Today" - 23 Dec 2014

* Former Fed Governor Donald Kohn warns the Fed may be on hold for all of 2015 due to overseas risks and lower inflation expectations – note that he also sits on the BOE’s FPC

* Saudi oil minister: .“It is not in the interest of Opec producers to cut their production,

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"The Day Today" - 22 Dec 2014

* Greek PM offers elections in ‘late 2015’ to win over some opposition MPs who fear they may lose out in snap elections. Next round of Presidential vote is 10am LDN time tomorrow

* UAE complain about ‘irresponsible’

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"The Day Today" - 19 Dec 2014

At European Union meetings:
* France’s Hollande says he’d like to see Euro weaker versus the dollar but it’s now approaching balance
* Draghi tells Hollande and Merkel that investment and reform “could be very effective provided it is speedy”.

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"The Day Today" - 18 Dec 2014

* ECB Coeure sets stage for QE: “I see a broad consensus around the table in the governing council that we need to do more”…“It’s not that much of a question on whether we should do something,

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"The Day Today" - 15 Dec 2014

* Abe retains his super-majority: ‘We heard the voice of the people saying ‘Move forward with Abenomics” though on a record low turnout, 53.3% vs 59.3% last time

* This story not going away,

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