The Day Today

"The Day Today" - 28 April 2014

* UK M&A back in the frame with news this morning that Pfizer are back bidding for AstraZeneca, at £60bn this would be the largest ever foreign takeover in the UK
* Stocks in Europe Advance on M&A as Tension in Ukraine Boosts Nickel,

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"The Day Today" - 22 April

* Some mild excitement that Abenomics might be pushing on to the next level, with the announcement that members of the Abe Advisory Panel have been added to the GPIF Investment Committee,…

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"The Day Today" - 10 April 2014

* FOMC Minutes – was this paragraph judiciously added in afterwards? Or was this just what  Yellen meant at the press conference after the meeting when she wondered why everyone looked at the dots for future interest rates so much……

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