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"The Day Today" - 10 March 2015

* China CPI 1.4% vs 1.0% exp due to rebound in food prices for Lunar New Year, but PPI deflation gets worse -4.8%, it’s now been negative for 3 years straight and is the lowest since 2009

* Fed’s Fisher (hawk): “the problem with overshooting full employment to any significant degree is that it has always set the stage for a new recession” as you hike rates too late.

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"The Day Today" - 6 March 2015

* Fed’s Williams speech AGAIN flags up the importance of lags in monetary policy, dismisses any drag on inflation from the dollar, and warns if you wait too long you have to do more: “Overshooting our target would force us into a much more dramatic rate hike to reverse course,

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"The Day Today" - 24 Feb 2015

* San Fran Fed Williams: “I wouldn’t want to eliminate the possibility of a rate hike in June”

* EU parliaments won’t hold up the Greek plan – Finland will put the vote to a 25 member legislative committee where it has a majority;

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