The Day Today

"The (Budget) Day Today" - 19 March

* Bank of Canada Governor Poloz reminded us that while the CB has a neutral bias, “a rate cut cannot be ruled out”
* Meanwhile the Finance Minister resigns: Flaherty Ends Canada Finance Minister Tenure Amid Policy Clashes….

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"The Day Today" - 17 March 2014

Relatively calm markets this morning despite China widening the trading band for the renminbi for the first time in 2 years, and Crimea’s overwhelming vote to (re)join Russia. [95.7% voted Yes,…

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"The Day Today" - 14 March 2014

Stock markets crumbled yesterday on the rhubarb over Crimea… or is it just that we are due for a healthy correction, and geopolitics gets the blame? Volatilities have picked up from very low levels but with China clearly liberalising its financial markets we should expect more of this to come.

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