The Day Today

"The Day Today" - 27 Oct 2014

Merkel goes out of her way to show her support for Draghi: I’m very grateful to Mario Draghi that he held up the mirror to our eyes,” …“If fiscal policy doesn’t react at the same time” as monetary policy,

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"The Day Today" - 23 Oct 2014

Central bank divergence:
* RBNZ Wheeler says their macroprudential measures to cap loan-to-value on housing were equivalent to a 25-50bp rate hike. Which is handy when the inflation data released last night came in below expectations (1% vs the RBNZ 1.3% forecast and down from 1.6% previous quarter) = suggesting rates will be on hold for a long time
* Bank of Canada drops its reference to “neutral”

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"The Day Today" - 17 Oct 2014

* Fed Bullard takes his message to the FT in an interview: “I do think that this global situation is serious…Europe is threatening to go into a triple dip recession and maybe even reignite the European sovereign debt crisis.” He said a pause in purchases would be a “low cost move that we could make,

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