The Day Today

"The Day Today" - 14 August 2014

European contraction…but we know what the ECB will do in response…
* Germany 10yr falls below 1% for the first time ever, as Q2 GDP came in worse than expected,

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"The Day Today" - 13 August 2014

* China credit data plummets (see chart) but Asian stocks largely shrug it off. The PBOC unusually released a statement to say ‘The drop in July’s financial data was caused by a high base effect and seasonal fluctuation’

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"The Day Today" - 12 August 2014

* PIMCO cut its US Tsy holdings in July, now at 45% vs 50% in May {fifw NSN NA699T6KLVR5 <go>}

* UK inflation to remain benign? Sales growth in June slows to its weakest in more than 3 yrs,

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"The Day Today" - 8 August 2014

No surprise that Oil higher, stocks lower, and bonds, yen, swiss francs all up on the Iraq news. This “risk-off” wobble has been floating around ever since inflows into the overly exuberant junk bond market started to ebb a few weeks ago.

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