The Day Today 15th August 2018

  • UK Foreign Sec Hunt: “we are at the point where the EU faces strategic choices… we need to take that opportunity”
  • Guardian: UK citizens leaving in EU prepare to make a legal challenge against the result of the 2016 referendum
  • Driver who drove his car into barriers surrounding Houses of Parliament has been named and treated as a terrorist
  • Germany Chlr Merkel: conditions are not right for a European Finance Minister
  • Italy 5-Star spokesperson vows a full govt investigation into Genoa bridge collapse
  • Italy Interior Min Salvini: EU fiscal rules can’t limit spending on our infrastructure…

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The Day Today 15 August 2016

* BOE Haldane on Brexit: “This is a structural shift in the U.K.’s economic and trading regime, whereas monetary policy can offer no more than a short-term balm for economic uncertainty”

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