The Day Today 12th March 2019

  • PM May and EU Juncker unveil a new three-part “improved Brexit deal” for MPs to vote for+
  • EU Juncker warns MPs thinking about voting down the deal, “there will be no third chance”
  • Attorney Gen Cox is due to present his legal opinion on the changes to the Withdrawal Agreement this morning
  • Dep Chairman of Pro-Leave group ERG Baker: UK Govt had put “a very good gloss on something that falls short”
  • Times: EU diplomats are preparing for a year-long extension of Article 50
  • Independent IE: Dublin Govt thinks the new “unilateral statement is UK talking to themselves” and WA remains “unchanged”
  • EPP party chief Weber meets with Hungarian PM Orbán for last chance to avoid expulsion
  • Ipsos Mori: new France Polls has Macron’s Le March improving by 1% over populist National Front
  • EuroGroup Pres Centeno: “If all reform commitments are met, [we] will in April consider the implementation of further debt relief measures [for Greece]”
  • US Amb to Germany Grenell warns Germany’s dealings with Huawei could “hurt intelligence sharing”
  • Pres Trump unveils his record $4.7 trillion budget including $8.6 billion for the wall
  • Xinhua: China VP Liu and US Trade Rep Lighthizer and Treasury Sec Mnuchin spoke to plan “working arrangements”
  • BOJ Amamiya reiterates commitment to 2% inflation target and only then will exit strategy be talked about
  • Ipsos Mori poll from above:

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