The Day Today 17th April 2019

– Netflix outlook disappoints
– Canada, Alberta regional elections see a swing from left to right as Conservatives win on a manifesto of energy extraction friendly policies
– Malaysia, currency struggles as FTSE Russell says they may cut it from their World Government Bond Index
– Japanese exports dragged down by shipments to Asian countries falling
– Portugal declares energy crisis
– New Zealand CPI 1.5% vs f/c 1.7%
– China GDP 6.4% vs f/c 6.3%
– China Industrial Production 6.5% vs f/c 5.6%
– Switzerland may stop its emergency stockpiling of coffee, it stores emergency supplies of many staples, a strategy put in place between the First and Second World Wars

China’s strong data helped the mood in Asia. Ahead today, UK inflation data and European inflation and trade data

On this day in 1961 the Cuban exiles (Brigade 2506) aided by the CIA landed in the Bay of Pigs in a failed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro. The CIA had provided 8 B-26 bombers a few days earlier to destroy Cuban airfields but as the initiative turned against the invasion and the world became aware the US backed it, President Kennedy got cold feet. He decided against further air cover and as a consequence only half the forces the CIA had deemed necessary were used

Here’s our piece from yesterday, as we are about to enter an unprecedented period of market closures, see table below:

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