The Day Today 9th April 2019

  • The UK parliament’s European Union (Withdrawal) (No 5) Bill received royal assent and as such became law, it aims to force the PM to ask for an extension rather than let a no deal happen, but all EU27 countries have to agree to the extension evenigstandardWithdrawal
  • Theresa May travels to Berlin and Paris looking for support for her extension ahead of the EU summit tomorrow but angers Brexiteers as her talks with Corbyn continue and she readies for possible European elections on May 23rd ftBrexit
  • US weighs tariffs on $11bn of EU products over Airbus subsidies ftTariffs
  • Israel elections, voting begins bbcIsrael
  • China home sales rise 64.3% in Chongqing, the barometer of the overall housing market scmpChongqing
  • Oil price moves higher, highest since November, as Tripoli airport attacked ftOil
  • Argentina yields new highs with April 2021 bond at 12.188%, the 5yr yields 11.241%, the peso is down 19% this year ftARS
  • China wants to eliminate bitcoin mining reutersBitcoin
  • The end of cash, BOE warns as shops shun notes and coins telegraphCash
  • PBoC 6.7142 (6.7201)
  • Option expiries EURUSD 1.1245-55 (3b) 1.1260-65 (1.7bn) 1.1270-75 (1.1bn), USDJPY 111.25-40 (3.1bn)

As much as some British MPs want to assure a no deal exit, it’s still possible as a deal must be agreed, it’s just when is this final and binding? Some Brexiteers would accept an extension to December 2020 and just forget any transition period. The IMF updates its World Economic Outlook today as the IMF and World Bank begin their annual spring meetings in Washington

On this day in 1865 the American Civil War ended when General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S Grant

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