KO for Gove

  • And so it is Boris Johnson v Jeremy Hunt that will go to the Conservative membership ballot
    • Leaver v Remainer
    • Chaotic Personal Life v Family Man
    • Lifelong politico v Businessman
    • Shambolic v Smooth
    • Hated by Liverpool v Hated by Doctors
    • Classicist from Oxford University v PPEist from Oxford University
    • ex-Foreign Sec v Foreign Sec
    • Public schoolboy v Public Schoolboy
  • But it is really the first difference that will matter the most to the Conservative Party membership, and it is this which makes Team Boris so confident that he will win. The last Remainer Prime Minister didn’t work out too well…
  • Looks like Javid’s voters went to Johnson but then Johnson votes went tactically to Hunt (as 5 Javid MPs had publicly declared for Boris but he only picked up 3 votes).
  • Revenge for the Gove stabbing in 2016 has been served. With balance back in the Brexiteer force, expect Gove to work closely with Boris once (if?) he becomes PM

….And finally, thank you to the BlondeMoney team of analysts who worked very hard to make some strong predictions in an extremely volatile political environment. If you’d like to know more about their analysis or work with our database, please let us know.

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