The Day Today 6th June 2019

– Mexico: Fitch downgrade, Moody’s lowers outlook
– Mexico/US talks will resume today as Trump tweets “not nearly enough progress was made”
– Australia trade surplus miss A$4.87bn vs f/c A$5.1bn
– Amazon drone deliveries to start in “the coming months”
– India rate decision this morning, possible rate cut

Stocks yet again at the mercy of trade tensions, this time US and Mexico. Today sees central bank speakers, BOJ Kuroda 9:25am, BOE Carney 9:55am and then ECB Draghi 1:30pm

On this day in 1944 allied forces waded ashore Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword, the code names for the beaches of Normandy, for Operation Neptune, or as we know it D-Day. The overall invasion was code named Operation Overlord

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